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Instructions: Poach or steam in hot boiling water for 8-10mins. Take out to dry, Pan Fry medium heat for 5-6mins.

Good for BBQ, Pair with mash potato. Good Beer Snack

Caution: We only use natural skins & suggest that you do not prick them. Cook our sausages gently & slowly to retain their full flavour.

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Manufactured in-house with our blend of seasoning and spices.
Smoky bacon :
Smoky Bacon sausage made using the finest premium airflown pork - has a lovely flavour of mild smoke and bacon.
All these flavours are combined in this sausage, made in-store using fresh trim from our daily deliveries of pork.

Garlic & Herb:
Herb and Garlic sausage made the perfect combination using the finest premium airflown pork.

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