Australian Superior Wagyu – Ribeye Steak (MB6-7, 250-300G)


Marble Score: 6-7

Our Wagyu Cattle
>F1 Wagyu
>380-400 Day Grain Fed
>440kg Carcass Weight

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The Highlights

the cattle are all Wagyu F1 Cross – the Superior in our brand standing for Cross(X)Bred. Our herd is created by crossing a full blood (100%) Wagyu bull over a full blood (100%) Angus cow.

Zero-use policy regarding added hormones and growth promotants and the production and processing facilities have been designed and developed to the highest environmental and animal welfare standards.

Superior Wagyu consistently displays superior qualities in texture, tenderness, taste and high marbling scores.

Before it is cooked, the Superior Wagyu difference is evident in it’s rich colour, density, extensive and intricate marbling and the soft, creamy fat that melts in your hand. Once cooked, becomes a delicious, succulent, “melt-in-you-mouth” dining experience that is second to none.

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