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About Us

Crown Fresh was established recently with a history of it’s own.

In 2003, founder of Crown Fresh, Robert Koh, finished National Service and decided to help out his father in this trade as both his siblings are still in school. Back then, this family business were also local pig breeders. As a young helper, working 16-20 hours a day is tough as his job scope requires him to be a driver, de-boner, salesman etc., pretty much an all rounder.

During the days where the company were major suppliers to companies like SFI, Sheng Siong, and even wet market stalls, Robert picked up the skill of cutting and chopping up chunks of meat.

Robert left the company in 2010 to adventure himself to reach greater heights even though no one thought was possible. The first core of business was created in the wet markets and was successful by reaching out to his loyal buyers and supporters which caters to all household and busy professionals.

Robert’s aim in Crown Fresh is to provide the freshest cuts and affordable meat to all customers. Delivering fresh meats to the doorsteps of busy professionals without the hassle of heading to markets or wet markets.

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